Custom Marble for any Project

This rare and beautiful material has been used throughout history on everything from massive buildings to tiny statures, and still retains its natural beauty even hundreds of years later. At Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile we offer a wide variety of marble that can be used on almost any surface, from the kitchen counter to the bathroom floor. Get a free quote today to learn more about our affordable marble and dedicated service.

Marble Benefits

Marble is a metamorphic rock – limestone that has been changed under the pressure and heat of the earth into something very hard and attractive. Marble is usually sought after for the distinctive veining that occurs, which is a result of the unique impurities in the original limestone. In other words, depending on where it was found, marble could have almost any color and pattern.

The natural beauty of marble can last for years if you take care of the surface. It offers a cool, brightness that you don’t often find in other types of stone. Our current selection includes everything from earthy browns and golds to sleek blacks and bright whites. We will work closely with you to ensure you find the perfect materials for your next project.

Our professionals can also make sure that the installation is done correctly and on time, so you can start enjoying the new surface immediately. It’s important to remember, though, that while marble is a very strong material, it is possible to scratch or stain, and repairs can be difficult. Simply take some extra time to care for your marble counter, floor, or other surface and you will have a beautiful addition to your home that will last for ages.

  • White Oak

    White Oak

  • Valley Gold

    Valley Gold

  • Temple Grey

    Temple Grey

  • Thassos White

    Thassos White

  • Super White

    Super White

  • Sugar Beige

    Sugar Beige

  • Super Thassos Glass

    Super Thassos Glass

  • Statuary Venato

    Statuary Venato

  • Sofya Cream

    Sofya Cream

  • Rosso Levanto

    Rosso Levanto

  • Sahara Gold

    Sahara Gold

  • Rosa Verona

    Rosa Verona

  • Rojo Alicante

    Rojo Alicante

  • Rain Forest

    Rain Forest

  • Portoro Gold

    Portoro Gold

  • Radiant Black

    Radiant Black

  • Pewter Rosa

    Pewter Rosa

  • Persian Green

    Persian Green

  • Oyster Beige

    Oyster Beige

  • Paradise Beige

    Paradise Beige

  • Opal Brown

    Opal Brown

  • Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue

  • Opal Beige

    Opal Beige

  • New Emperador Light

    New Emperador Light

  • Mystic River

    Mystic River

  • Mystique Brown

    Mystique Brown

  • Mystery White

    Mystery White

  • Ming Green

    Ming Green

  • Mont Clair Danby

    Mont Clair Danby

  • Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo

  • Melange


  • Laurent Brown

    Laurent Brown

  • Marmara White

    Marmara White

  • Inca Gold

    Inca Gold

  • Imperial Danby

    Imperial Danby

  • Gris Nebula

    Gris Nebula

  • Golden Spider

    Golden Spider

  • Gris Magma

    Gris Magma

  • Golden Sand

    Golden Sand

  • Giallo Reale

    Giallo Reale

  • Emperador Light

    Emperador Light

  • Fantastic Red

    Fantastic Red

  • Emperador Dark

    Emperador Dark

  • Emperador Cafe

    Emperador Cafe

  • Elegant White

    Elegant White

  • Dark Green

    Dark Green

  • Diano Real

    Diano Real

  • Crystal White

    Crystal White

  • Crema Marfil Select

    Crema Marfil Select

  • Crema Marfil

    Crema Marfil

  • Crema Marfil Premium

    Crema Marfil Premium

  • Crema Marfil Classic

    Crema Marfil Classic

  • Crema Marfil Commercial

    Crema Marfil Commercial

  • Crema Marfil Antique

    Crema Marfil Antique

  • Crema Delicato

    Crema Delicato

  • Crema Luna

    Crema Luna

  • Crema Cappuccino

    Crema Cappuccino

  • Cloudy Mist

    Cloudy Mist

  • Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom

  • China Black With Vein

    China Black With Vein

  • Celestial Jade

    Celestial Jade

  • Carrara White CD

    Carrara White CD

  • Carrara White Marble

    Carrara White Marble

  • Calacatta Vagli

    Calacatta Vagli

  • Calacatta Lasa

    Calacatta Lasa

  • Calacatta Splendor

    Calacatta Splendor

  • Calacatta Gold

    Calacatta Gold

  • Calacatta Classic

    Calacatta Classic

  • Calacatta Gold Premium

    Calacatta Gold Premium

  • Cafe Forest

    Cafe Forest

  • Breccia Oniciata

    Breccia Oniciata

  • Botticino Fiorito

    Botticino Fiorito

  • Botticino Semiclassico

    Botticino Semiclassico

  • Bianco Venatino

    Bianco Venatino

  • Bellagio Beige

    Bellagio Beige

  • Beige Botticino

    Beige Botticino

  • Athens Grey

    Athens Grey

  • Arabescato Carrara

    Arabescato Carrara

  • Arabescato Calacatta

    Arabescato Calacatta

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