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December 28, 2016

Best Countertops for Your Kitchen

Countertops are an integral part of interior décor. They are stylish, sturdy and make your kitchens look more elegant. Be it kitchens in a house or in a high end restaurant, all have countertops installed. The most popular countertops are made using natural stones like granite, marble, onyx, quartz etc. At Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc. you get the best granite countertops Philadelphia pa at affordable prices.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc. is one the leading suppliers and installers of countertops. The firm has been providing its services in Philadelphia and surrounding regions for the past 15 years. The products offered by the firm range from quartz countertops to tile cabinets and counters. Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc. specializes in designing and installing unique granite countertops for your kitchens, bathrooms and vanity.

At Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc. you can select from a wide range of Philadelphia countertops. The creative team at the firm help you design and customize countertops according to your requirement. To ensure that only the best product is offered to the customers, the firm manufactures the granite countertops in-house. The designers and all other employees are fully insured and licensed.

Granite countertops are a favourite among interior decorators and kitchen enthusiast. The granite countertops provided by Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc. are best in quality and last forever. It has a natural shine that makes your kitchen look bright. Since these never depreciate in value, installation of a granite countertop adds value to your home. In addition to being sturdy, these countertops are sanitary and easy to clean.

If you are looking for granite Philadelphia pa countertops, then Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc. is the place to go. Every project is unique and custom made according to the customer. The firm provides a lifetime warranty as well. Some of the most popular countertop designs are White Wave, White Spring, Waterfall, Vyara Juparana, White Macaubas, Volga Blue, Via Appia, Verde Typhoon, Verde Butterfly, Typhoon Bordeaux, Titanium, Tropic Brown, Star Beach etc.

Other products provided by the firm include:

Natural Stone: In addition to granite, the firm offers marble, onyx, slate, limestone and travertine countertops. All the countertops are available in numerous designs and are installed by experts.

Quartz: The firm specializes in Quartz Surfaces manufactured by CeasarStone and other leading manufacturers. The firm offers over 50 quartz countertop designs.

Tiles: Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc. offers a wide range of tiles manufactured by Daltile. The tiles are strong and easy to maintain.

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