Building with Limestone

For centuries, limestone has been one of the most popular building materials for its elegant appearance, ready availability, and affordable prices. This stone is comparatively common throughout many parts of the world, and it has been used by everyone from ancient Egyptians to modern designers who want to make something that will last. At Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile we can help you find the perfect limestone and cut it to your exact specifications.

Whether you’re using it indoors or out, you can find a wide range of colors and patterns to complement your current project. Limestone is fairly easy to cut and shape, so we can provide some beautiful materials that match your specifications.

Understanding the Materials

Limestone has a very muted quality, which allows it to complement many different design aesthetics. It also certainly has a resemblance to marble, but since it is more common it is generally more affordable. On the other hand, it is fairly fragile compared to something like granite, so it should always be installed and maintained with care.

Limestone is a calcium carbonate, which means that it will react poorly to any acids that contact it. This means if you live in an area that is afflicted with excessive air pollution it could affect your outdoor projects. This also means that any acidic liquids that hit your limestone countertop could also cause problems. Still, between the price and the beautiful appearance, it is worth a little extra effort to install some limestone throughout your home.

  • Wallace Creek Antique

    Wallace Creek Antique

  • Tiara Beige

    Tiara Beige

  • Sea Grass

    Sea Grass

  • Ramon Grey

    Ramon Grey

  • Royal Bomaniere

    Royal Bomaniere

  • Ramon Gold

    Ramon Gold

  • Porto Beige

    Porto Beige

  • Pyramid Gold

    Pyramid Gold

  • Phili Green

    Phili Green

  • Nube Rosa

    Nube Rosa

  • Oasis Blue

    Oasis Blue

  • New Spring Cloud

    New Spring Cloud

  • Mystique Black

    Mystique Black

  • Mediterranean Taupe

    Mediterranean Taupe

  • Mocha Creme

    Mocha Creme

  • Lymra Limestone

    Lymra Limestone

  • Luxor Gold

    Luxor Gold

  • Kota Blue

    Kota Blue

  • Lagos Blue

    Lagos Blue

  • Jura Grey

    Jura Grey

  • Jerusalem Bone

    Jerusalem Bone

  • Jura Beige

    Jura Beige

  • Java Cream

    Java Cream

  • Isis Gold

    Isis Gold

  • Jania Cream

    Jania Cream

  • Halila


  • Ginto


  • Golden Beaches

    Golden Beaches

  • Gascogne Blue

    Gascogne Blue

  • Galala


  • Gascogne Beige

    Gascogne Beige

  • Crema Europa

    Crema Europa

  • Chestnut Brown

    Chestnut Brown

  • Carmella


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