Slate Tiles

Slate is often overlooked as a building material, but it is widely available all over the world and comes in a huge range of colors and patterns. Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile is pleased to reintroduce you to this strong and stylish material that works well on everything from roof tops to sidewalks.

Choosing Your Slate

Slate is a fine-grained rock that offers an appearance that is both subdued and dramatic. The metamorphic rock is naturally resistant to fading, damage, and chemicals and is also impervious to constant freezing and thawing. In other words, it is just as effective on and outdoors project as it is inside.

Slate will maintain its appearance for years, and it is durable enough to withstand high-traffic usage. This means that you can easily use this slate on a walkway outside or for the floor of your bathroom or kitchen. There’s no reason to stop there, though. Many projects have included these kinds of tiles on countertops, fireplaces, shower surrounds, and more. As long as they’re installed properly, you can enjoy these results for years.

Whether you’re looking for something warm and natural or stylish and inviting, you can find what you need right here. We are committed to providing the largest selection of discount materials in Pennsylvania, and we back up all our work with a lifetime warranty. Get a free quote today to discover how quick and easy the process is.

  • Virginia Spring

    Virginia Spring

  • Vibrant Kashmir

    Vibrant Kashmir

  • Summer Buff

    Summer Buff

  • Silver Blue

    Silver Blue

  • Strata Green

    Strata Green

  • San Rio Rustic

    San Rio Rustic

  • Rustic Gold

    Rustic Gold

  • Mystique Green

    Mystique Green

  • Premium Black Slate

    Premium Black Slate

  • Multi Select

    Multi Select

  • Multi Classic

    Multi Classic

  • Montauk Blue

    Montauk Blue

  • Madras Yellow

    Madras Yellow

  • Montauk Black

    Montauk Black

  • Lilac Kashmir

    Lilac Kashmir

  • Kota Honey

    Kota Honey

  • Kota Brown

    Kota Brown

  • Jade Green

    Jade Green

  • Jak Slate

    Jak Slate

  • Indian Kashmir

    Indian Kashmir

  • Earth Slate

    Earth Slate

  • China Multi Color

    China Multi Color

  • China Sea Green

    China Sea Green

  • California Gold

    California Gold

  • Black Rust

    Black Rust

  • Autumn


  • Basalt Blue

    Basalt Blue

  • Autumn Desert

    Autumn Desert

  • Autumn Blend

    Autumn Blend

  • Aqua Green

    Aqua Green

  • Aqua Rustic

    Aqua Rustic

  • African Multi Color

    African Multi Color

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