Travertine Countertops and More

Travertine is a popular material for a wide range of applications, and at Wholesale Granite Marble & Tile we can help you find and choose the best colors, patterns, and shades to fit your current project. We will customize the stone to fit your countertop or other surface and can help you with the installation to make sure everything is done correctly. We have more than 20 years experience designing and installing stone products, and we back up our work with a lifetime warranty.

This is a very affordable option that adds a beautiful, natural look to your home. It is commonly harvested around mineral springs like those at Yellowstone national Park or in caves as stalactites and stalagmites or other forms of sedimentary rock. This leads to the huge variety of colors and shades in this kind of stone. Travertine is also very good at reflecting light, which means it can help to brighten up the room where it’s installed.

Proper Care and Installation

Travertine is similar to marble and granite in that it’s a strong material that offers a unique appearance. When it is installed, though, the slabs need to be properly sealed, and they may require a resealing every few years. This will make sure that it stays clean and sanitary throughout its life. It is also very reactive to acids, so you should always be careful around it with any acidic liquids or chemicals. If you’re proactive about the care and maintenance of the travertine it can a very long time. Contact us today or request a free quote to get started.

  • Yurac


  • Tuscany Walnut

    Tuscany Walnut

  • Tuscany Walnut Onyx

    Tuscany Walnut Onyx

  • Tuscany Ivory

    Tuscany Ivory

  • Tuscany Noce

    Tuscany Noce

  • Tuscany Ivory Onyx

    Tuscany Ivory Onyx

  • Tuscany Imperium

    Tuscany Imperium

  • Tuscany Gold

    Tuscany Gold

  • Tuscany Chocolade

    Tuscany Chocolade

  • Tuscany Classic

    Tuscany Classic

  • Tuscany Chateaux

    Tuscany Chateaux

  • Tuscany Beige

    Tuscany Beige

  • Silver Travertine

    Silver Travertine

  • Stormy


  • Roman Veincut Travertine

    Roman Veincut Travertine

  • Roma Travertine

    Roma Travertine

  • Red Travertine

    Red Travertine

  • Puebla


  • Porcini


  • Philadelphia


  • Peach Travertine

    Peach Travertine

  • Noche Alpaca

    Noche Alpaca

  • Mesquite Taupe

    Mesquite Taupe

  • Golden Sienna

    Golden Sienna

  • English Walnut

    English Walnut

  • Durango Cream

    Durango Cream

  • Durango Antique

    Durango Antique

  • Durango Commercial

    Durango Commercial

  • Castle


  • Caramel


  • Canyon Travertine

    Canyon Travertine

  • Angelica Gold

    Angelica Gold

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